Materials development

We have equipment for carrying out structure-forming processes in the liquid phase, from melts, via power molding and in some cases from the gas phase, right through to component manufacture and surface modification. We also carry out computer simulation work. The range of products includes fibers, films and components of varying complexity.

The alliance generally develops materials and components in a demand-oriented way. In many instances, therefore, the properties and specifications are prescribed by the market or individual customers.

In order to maintain our long-term competitiveness, however, the alliance must predict the consequences of the expected system innovations on the relevant components and materials. For this the alliance possesses the required system know-how in special areas, for example solar and electrochemical energy technology, and carries out fundamental pre-competitive research in these areas. In many areas the alliance can access the system know-how of other alliances and networks in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

  • doping of titanium oxide
  • nanoparticles
  • new material mixtures
  • rapid screening processes